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We’re really sorry you weren’t happy with the freshness of your product, please follow the instructions below to claim your money back.

If you have claimed from us in the past, don’t worry, you can claim again. If unhappy with the freshness of your product, you can claim twice per household within a 12 month period against our Freshness Guarantee.

To claim your money back, please follow the steps below:

If you feel your product is not fresh, please ensure you have your promo pack and receipt.

Scroll down
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Include a 15+ word statement about why you believe your product is not fresh.

Upload a photo of
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your pack.

Enter your bank details
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money back to you.

Your claim may take up to 28 days. If you’ve not heard from us by then, please get in touch.

Our freshness is guaranteed until the use by date, or if opened before the use by date, 24 hours from opening.
To see which products our Freshness Money Back Guarantee applies to, click here.


Enter your details below and upload your receipt to claim your money back:

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Please ensure the picture of your receipt includes: name of product, date of purchase and price.
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