The Promotion
What is the promotion?
We are offering our customers the chance to claim their money back if they are not happy with the freshness of their Florette product.
What is the ‘Freshness Guaranteed’ promotion?
Freshness is guaranteed until the use by date or if opened before the use by date, 24 hours from opening.
What packs is the promotion running on?
The Florette 'Freshness Guaranteed' promotion will only run on the following products.
Asian Crispy (100g)
Asian Flavour Shots (10g)
Baby Beetroot (150g)
Baby Leaf & Rocket (80g)
Baby Leaf (100g)
Baby Leaf Trio (90g)
Beetroot Pouch (330g)
Bistro (130g)
Broccoli (130g)
Classic Bowl (160g)
Crispy (115g)
Crispy (170g)
Crispy (255g)
Crispy (85g)
Crunchy Bowl (220g)
Duo (70g)
Four Leaf (100g)
Green Beans (170g)
Iceberg (150g)
Leafy Rocket (140g)
Med Crispy (100g)
Merry Crispy (170g)
Mexican Flavour Shots (10g)
Mixed (125g)
Mixed (150g)
Mixed (180g)
Mixed (350g)
Mixed (350g)
Peppery Bag (90g)
Power of Plants Rocket (120g)
Power of Plants Rocket (80g)
Power of Plants Spinach (120g)
Power of Plants Watercress (100g)
Spinach (100g)
Sprouts (190g)
Summer Mix (140g)
Sweet & Crunchy (200g)
Sweet & Crunchy (250g)
Sweet & Crunchy Bag (310g)
Sweet & Crunchy Bowl (110g)
Sweet Crispy (135g)
Sweet Crispy (85g)
Wild Rocket (60g)
Winter Mix (110g)
Is there an age limit for entry?
To enter the promotion you must be 18 years or over.
Do I need to buy a promotional pack of Florette to enter the promotion?
Yes, you will need to buy a promotional pack of Florette in order to enter the promotion. All participating products will have the 'Freshness Guaranteed' logo.
Where can I buy a promotional pack?
You can buy a promotional pack at any major grocery retailer, however we cannot guarantee stock levels.
Entering the Promotion
How do I enter the promotion?

To enter the promotion you must purchase a participating pack of Florette.

On your pack you will find details of how to submit your claim.

Internet access is required for entry into the promotion. There is no postal / telephone route.

I’m not in the UK, can I still enter?
This promotion is only open to residents of the UK and ROI. If you reside here then you are able to enter however if not unfortunately you are unable to enter.
I don’t have a UK or ROI bank account?
In order to enter this promotion you need to have a bank account registered in the UK or ROI.
Where can I find the full terms and conditions of the promotion?
Full terms and conditions for this promotion can be found by visiting here.
Why do you need my personal and bank details?
If your claim is successful we will need these details to process your claim.
Will my details be passed on to anyone else?
No, the information you provide to us will only be used for the purpose of this promotion.
How long have I got to enter the promotion?

The promotion will open on 01.03.2020 the closing date for purchases is 28.02.2021. The final date for receipt of claims is 30.03.2021.

Please note you have 28 days from the date of your purchase as specified on your receipt to claim.

Is there a limit on how many times I can claim?

The maximum amount of times you can claim is two claims per household.

If you have purchased the product on a “2 for £3/€3.00” promotional deal then the total value of the products will be reimbursed to the maximum value of £3/€3.00.

Products that are within the “2 for £3/€3.00” offer will be classed as 2 claims. 1 pack = 1 claim.

Issues / problems
How can I claim if I don’t have internet access?
As specified in the terms and conditions, internet access is required to enter this promotion.
How can I claim if I don’t have a computer?
Our website is mobile friendly so you will be able to claim via your mobile device. Alternatively if you visit your local library you will be able to use the computers available there.
My question has not been answered in the FAQs
If you still have further questions regarding the promotion, please contact our customer care team here.