Here's the full list of products covered by our Freshness Guarantee:

Asian Crispy (100g)
Asian Flavour Shots (10g)
Baby Beetroot (150g)
Baby Leaf & Rocket (80g)
Baby Leaf (100g)
Baby Leaf Trio (90g)
Beetroot Pouch (330g)
Bistro (130g)
Broccoli (130g)
Classic Bowl (160g)
Crispy (115g)
Crispy (170g)
Crispy (255g)
Crispy (85g)
Crunchy Bowl (220g)
Duo (70g)
Four Leaf (100g)
Green Beans (170g)
Iceberg (150g)
Leafy Rocket (140g)
Med Crispy (100g)
Merry Crispy (170g)
Mexican Flavour Shots (10g)
Mixed (125g)
Mixed (150g)
Mixed (180g)
Mixed (350g)
Mixed (350g)
Peppery Bag (90g)
Power of Plants Rocket (120g)
Power of Plants Rocket (80g)
Power of Plants Spinach (120g)
Power of Plants Watercress (100g)
Spinach (100g)
Sprouts (190g)
Summer Mix (140g)
Sweet & Crunchy (200g)
Sweet & Crunchy (250g)
Sweet & Crunchy Bag (310g)
Sweet & Crunchy Bowl (110g)
Sweet Crispy (135g)
Sweet Crispy (85g)
Wild Rocket (60g)
Winter Mix (110g)